Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quanser Staff Steps Up to Support World Wildlife Fund

Just a few weeks ago, while dining at the top of Toronto's CN Tower with international guests attending Quanser's Distributor Conference, our team did not imagine their next visit to the 553.3m (1,815 ft.) tower will involve no dinner and no elevator ride!

Four brave folks from sales, marketing, production and tech support stepped up to form a team called "Quanser Qlimbers". On April 15, the team members - Leor Grebler, Rachel Oliver, Julio Acevedo and Hernando Pineros will climb the tower's 1,776 steps in support of World Wildlife Fund's 20th Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb. What will be the average time of the Quanser Qlimber? Vote in our poll.

Good luck Quanser Qlimbers!

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