Friday, April 23, 2010

Quanser Qlimbers Helped Raise Millions

On April 15, a record-breaking 6,420 climbers conquered Toronto's CN Tower (no wonder the stairway was so crowded, noted Rachel, one of the Quanser Qlimbers Team). These wild-life loving people helped raise over $1.2 million for the World Wildlife Fund.

The best climber this year ran 1,770 stairs in 10:49 min. Quanser Qlimbers weren't left in the dust. Among 318 co-ed teams they finished on the 115th place, with the average time of 21:06 min.

Quanser Qlimbers - from the right: Rachel, Leor, Julio and Hernando

Congratulations, guys! Great inspiration for future Quanser Qlimbers who could not join this time. And special thanks to Leor for his generous donation to the cause and for organizing the team!

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