Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quanser Introduces VoltPAQ - a New Generation of Power Amplifiers

Most of the people working with Quanser's experiments are familiar with the UPM power amplifiers. As reliable as they are, they were designed a while ago and even with the improvements, the time has come to move forward. Our Electronics Group took this task over and came up with a whole new series of linear power amplifiers named VoltPAQ. Using the latest technology, we achieved high performance parameters, while reducing the size and weight of the VoltPAQ unit. All these make the new amplifiers even more affordable.

Design rendering of the new VoltPAQ-X1 power amplifier

VoltPAQ was designed to run Quanser experiments. There are more than 80 of them and to address their various requirements, we came up with three VolPAQ variations: with one (X1), two (X2) and four (X4) output channels. Each VoltPAQ channel has maximum voltage output of +/-24V, maximum current output of 4.2A and power output of 100W.

To extend the capabilities of VoltPAQ, we also offer an Analog Box. It will allow you to read and power external sensors. The Analog Box easily connects sensors on Quanser's experiments to our data acquisition boards while providing clean power to sensitive sensors.

VoltPAQs can be used to drive multiple actuators and are suitable for single and multi-DOF experiments, such as the 3 DOF Helicopter. This compact and portable solution for power amplification will be released this summer. To learn more, contact us at

- Fayez Khan -

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