Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Portable Data Acquisition Solution with High Performance

For most computer peripherals, USB connection has become the standard. Quanser's engineering team is taking this technology a step further, with a novel data acquisition solution that allow users to interface to hardware through a USB connection, while maintaining a high performance levels.

Slated for release in spring 2010 are two new data acquisition systems - the 8 channel high performance Q8-US
B with 16-bit ADC and DAC resolutions, hardware encoder velocities and external trigerring, and the economical 2-channel high performance Q2-USB with 12-bit ADC and DAC resolutions, as an alternative where the full functionality of Q8-USB is not required.

In development - computer rendering of the Q2-USB

With closed-loop sample rates of 1 kHz and higher, +/-10V analog input and output range, and
plug-and-play functionality, these systems represent a portable solution suitable for various teaching and research applications.

Stay tuned for more details.


Anonymous said...

Does the Q2-USB have two encoder inputs, two ADC inputs, and two ADC outputs?

Will there be a cable for connecting the UPM (5 pin DIN) to Q2-USB (2 x RCA)?

Dr. Wight - Electronics Engineering Manager said...

Yes, it will have 2 encoder inputs with quadrature decoding, 2 ADC's, 2 DAC's, and 8 configurable DIO (of which 2 can be configured for PWM). And yes, you will be able to connect the UPM (and our upcoming VoltPAQ) to the Q2-USB.

Mehdi said...

Hi Sir
I'm a mechanical engineering student at Concordia University (Canada) and working on a project which deals with data acquisition and would like to know about the prices of Q2 and Q8 products.
Is there any special discount for students?

Quanser said...

Hello Mehdi,
thanks for the interest. To discuss your needs and get more details on Quanser's DAQ solutions, please contact Mr. Ray, our Academic Solutions Specialist at