Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Simple Way To Build A Great Robotics Lab

How many tools do you need to add to your lab to significantly expand its teaching and research capabilities?  Quite possibly, you might only need one, because that one tool can open the door to a whole new range of capabilities and possibilities.
In our experience over the past 20 years, many educational institutions that take even a small step to expand their lab can actually result in a great leap forward in their teaching and research capabilities, not to mention their ability to attract top students.

Consider the robotics lab, for example.  If a given lab has an inexpensive Omni Bundle Lab Solution from Quanser, it possesses a sure and simple way to teach haptics to students and allow them to gain real experience in quickly creating virtual environments. But should it add a single DENSO open architecture robot, it’s well positioned to accomplish a great deal more.
The Omni Bundle Lab Solution from Quanser
As a small industrial-style manipulator, the DENSO allows you to teach more sophisticated aspects of control and give your students experience with a real-world industrial robot.  With its small footprint and sophisticated capabilities, DENSO applications include but are not limited to teleoperation, robot-assisted surgery, rehabilitation, welding and pick-and-place activity. A whole new range of haptics and teleoperation experiments – and industry-applicable experience – is now available to your students. 
The DENSO Open Architecture Robot, enabled by Quanser
This dynamic combination of robots offers benefits at the research level as well.  With DENSO’s open architecture, your grad students can design their own projects and expand their research capabilities as well.  Should they plan to publish their research, they can count on the experimental results that the DENSO and Omni will give them. 

Quanser packages involving the Omni and DENSO robots are solid building blocks that engineering educators around the world are using to build great robotics labs. One such lab is found at Tel Aviv University in Israel.  There Dr. Gabor Kosa is using the DENSO and the Omni to teach teleoperation. The DENSO is also being used for entire control experiments, and to do work in system identification as well as inverse kinematics.  (Below is a demonstration in Dr. Kosa's lab of the DENSO tracking a wand.)

Whether big or small, a great robotics lab is created with carefully chosen building blocks. For many teaching and research labs around the world, DENSO and Omni Bundle Lab Solutions from Quanser represent a solid foundation on which to grow.  To request a personalized demonstration of these robots, simply email

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