Monday, May 14, 2012

New Reasons For You To Consider The Omni Bundle Solution For Your Lab

Engineering educators around the world have told us how pleased they are with the Omni Bundle - a lab solution for teaching haptics and robotics inexpensively and safely to undergraduate and well as graduate students.

Quanser has now made the Omni Bundle even easier to use. Plus with its updated course materials, it offers enhanced lab efficiency and a higher degree of student engagement. Ultimately, this provides you with a remarkably strong lab solution to motivate your students-and a new and powerful reason to consider adding the Omni Bundle to your lab.

Here's what's new and how it benefits you: 

1. All controllers are now compatible with QUARC 2.2 using the Phantom Block
  • Students will interface with the Phantom Block faster, because several previous blocks have been incorporated into one
  • We eliminated the configuration process that set the MATLAB® path and ran the "get tool offset"
  • Configuration is now automatic. Students will simply open the course materials and run the Omni   
2. New controllers are reflected in the updated course materials 

3. Haptics Labs now use QUARC Visualization Blocks instead of VRML
  • Your students will find haptics experiments extremely intuitive and engaging
  • Creating the virtual environment is easier now that VRML has been replaced
Find out more about Omni Bundle lab solution and how it can enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of your robotics lab. Please contact Oliver Zhang to find out more.

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