Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are you looking for a heavy duty quick response motion platform?

Hexapod is a 6 degree of freedom (6-DOF) full motion platform manufactured at Quanser. This high-fidelity device can combine six distinct motions simultaneously and is ready to meet various movement possibilities. It should be mentioned that typical motion platforms use hydraulic actuators making them very expensive and slow. Nevertheless, this seemingly complicated structure is taking advantage of fast response powerful electrical motors beside parallel mechanism. It enables the system to manipulate heavy loads (up to 150kg) over a relatively large workspace and frequency range. The kinematics and control are implemented by Quanser highly capable real-time software, QuaRC. From the main characteristics of this system one can name of fast response times, hardware and software safety measures, and simple maintenance.

The following video presents a driving simulator, as an application of the Hexapod, where some motion cues are applied to the operator in addition to the visual feedback from a virtual environment. In fact, the driver is receiving ultimate driving sensation such as vertical vibrations and realistic centrifugal forces. Who knows! Maybe the next stage is to simulate an aircraft using a flight simulator. And wait! You may be looking at an earthquake vibration test platform too.

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