Saturday, September 13, 2008

Out of this World

With the help of The Mathwork's Matlab - Simulink and Quanser's QuaRC® real-time control development software, the Canadian Space Agency's (CSA) is expanding its space robotics development.

Having built a good reputation on the nano-satellite project, Quanser was approached by the CSA's Space Robotics group in search for a base platform for their next robotics program. The Space Robotics group was looking for a very specific high -performance system to allow for unhindered research concerning a
variety space robotic applications:
  • at least 6 degrees of freedom
  • payload capacity
  • performance flexibility

Following discussions with Quanser's engineering team, a decision was made to use Mitsubishi's PA-10 system (pictured here). However, CSA's Space Robotics group needed the system to be "open architecture" and tasked Quanser with the development.

Quanser then collaborated with both Mitsubishi, the robot supplier and the CSA. Using Matlab-Simulink Quanser developed the models, controller and safety functions of the PA-10 for support under Quanser's real-time control development software: QuaRC.

The CSA plans to begin work on the new platform in October 2008.

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