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Customer Testimony - Prof. Dr. Galip Cansever, Yildiz Technical University

Prof. Dr. Galip CANSEVER
Yildiz Technical University, Electrical & Electronics Faculty
Department of Electrical Engineering – Control Systems Division
34349 Yildiz / ISTANBUL
Position : Dean of the Electrical & Electronics Faculty - YTU

Teaching and Research Areas
- Fuzzy Logic Control of Continuous Processes
- Adaptive Control for Industrial Control and Automation Applications
- Robust Control for Industrial Control and Automation Applications.
- PLC Applications for Automation Systems
- Building Automation Systems
- SCADA and Process Control Applications

Taught Classes

- Digital Systems
- Design of Digital Systems
- Automatic Control
- Programmable Logic Controller
- Process Control and Instrumentation
- Microprocessors and Their Industrial Applications

- Instrumentation and System Control
- Fuzzy Logic Control and It’s Industrial Applications
- Dynamic Modelling of the Engineering Systems
- Petri Net Based Supervisor Design for Discrete Event Systems
- Machinery Automation
- Microcontroller Based Machine Control

Professional Affiliations
-Head of Control and Command Systems Division.
- Head of Control and Automation Program in Institute for Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering.
- Member of Advisory Board at the Journal of Elevator World
- Member of Publication Committee at the Journal of Industrial and Automation

The Advantages of the Quanser Plants:
We have obtained double inverted pendulum and ball – beam experimental setups from your products for our control system design laboratory. Your installation manual is very clear to understand and very helpful for us that’s why we didn’t run into any difficulties while we were installing the devices.

In addition to this your detailed documents for students and instructors about experimental work showed us a good way to prepare our laboratory hand-outs. Our instructors can do more than one experiment with same Quanser device by the flexibility feature of your devices. Therefore variety of our experiments was increased.

Also your plants are very suitable for advance users who are the students of our graduate programs. Their simulation results were came to experimental results by the help of your products.

To sum up Quanser products are very helpful to analyze the basic control problems. They filled all the gap of our control system laboratory like we thought. I wish you all the best in your works.

Selected Publications
- Ayça Gökhan AK, Galip Cansever,“ Fuzzy Sliding Mode Con tr oller with RBF Neural Network for Robotic Manipulator Trajectory Tracking” 16-19 August 2006 Kunming-China, International Conference on Intelligent Computing. Lecture Notes in Con tr ol and Information Sciences (LNCIS).
- Beril Karagenç, Nimet Gençoğlu, Mustafa Ersoy, Galip Cansever and Güven Külekçi“ A Comparison of four Different Microleakage tests for Assessment of Leakage of Root Canal Fillings ”, Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontology, In Pres.2006
- A. Delibasi, I. B. Kucukdemiral, G. Cansever, “A Novel Variable Structure Based Adaptive Control with Disturbance Estimation for an Anthropomorphic Robot Manipulator” (to appear)
- G. Cansever and I. B. Kucukdemiral, “A new approach to supervisor design with sequential control petri-net using minimization technique for discrete event system,” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, vol. 29, pp. 1267–1277, 2006.
- I.B. Kucukdemiral, S.N. Engin, V.E. Omurlu, G. Cansever, “A Robust Single Input Adaptive Sliding Mode Fuzzy Logic Controller for Automotive - Active Suspension System”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3613, Jul 2005, pp.981 - 986
- Seydi Vakkas ÜSTÜN , Galip CANSEVER, “ Tuning of PI Controller Coefficients Using Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Network” Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks; Smart Engineering System Design. ASME Pres Volume 11 New-York, pp:527, 2001
- Galip CANSEVER, Ş-N.ENGlN, O. F. ÖZGÜVEN, M. UZAM , "Fuzzy Logic Controller in Modern Control System: An industrial Application" , Advanced in Modeling and Analysis, Vol 43, No: l, pp 41-63 (23 pages), 1994
- Galip CANSEVER, H. Şeker, Beyhan Kılıç, " Electrical Modeling and Simulating of the Respiration System", Modeling, Measurements and Control, C, AMSE Press, Vol 44, No: 4, pp 19-37 (19 pages), 1994.

Prof. Dr. Galip CANSEVER

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