Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Researchers from Brazil Use Quanser Platform for Control of an Active Suspension System

Quanser's Active Suspension
Researchers from the Control Research Laboratory at the Sao Paulo State University, Brazil, study different approaches to control active suspension systems. They use Quanser Active Suspension platform to simulate and analyze the effectiveness of their control strategies. The team summarized their work in a paper "Sliding mode control for Active Suspension System with Data Acquisition Delay," recently accepted for publishing in the Mathematical Problems in Engineering Journal.

The paper addresses the issue of delays that may occur in the PC-based control of an active suspension system. The signal delays can occur, for example, in a network-based control system or due to slow slow data acquisition. The research team proposes using state predictors with sliding-mode control to take delays into account. Both continuous-time and a discrete-time methods are designed and implemented on the Quanser Active Suspension system. Based on the results from simulations and hardware tests, the paper evaluates the effectiveness of these control strategies.

To learn how other researchers have used Quanser systems as experimental platforms for their research, visit You can also download the whitepaper "The Quanser Platform for Control Systems Research Validation."

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