Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Instructional Videos Improve the Teaching and Learning Experience with QNET Trainers

QNET trainers and the National Instruments™ ELVIS platform have long been one of the best, most economical ways to learn controls in a LabVIEW™ environment.

We recently introduced an enhanced QNET Resources – a complete set of documentation, courseware and software VIs that comes with each QNET trainer. One of its major enhancements is the addition of a collection of short instructional videos for each of the six trainers.

The videos are designed to guide students and instructors through the QNET set up procedure, but more importantly, to help students get familiar with the entire lab. They walk students through the topics and concepts covered by the QNET curriculum and link them to the practical applications of these experiments, giving students a clear and exciting idea of how the concepts they’re studying will be applied in the real world.  

The VI Overview videos help students with the ins and outs of the virtual instruments, demonstrating the VIs functionality, including potential pitfalls, and useful tools. And for the students new to LabVIEW, another video offers an overview of the basic operations that students will need to successfully perform the lab exercises. 

Watch this video that shows students real-life applications of QNET DC Motor Control experiments:

By using this set of instructional videos, students can grasp the concepts taught in a QNET-based controls course more easily. As a result, students will perform more confidently and independently in the lab, and instructors can make more effective use of their teaching time.

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