Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quanser at 2011 ASME DSCC: Demonstrating Tools That Can Help Advance Your Teaching and Research

Researchers and academics interested in dynamic systems and control are getting ready for the annual ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference. They will gather in Arlington, Virginia between October 31 - November 2 to discuss topics such as dynamic systems modeling, simulation, analysis and design, control theory, industrial applications, and dynamic systems and control education.

The conference delegates will also have an opportunity to learn about leading edge tools and resources that can help accelerate their research projects significantly:

  • In the Quanser exhibit at the conference, our representatives will demonstrate selected Quanser research and teaching systems, including a robotic haptic device and several rotary servo-based control experiments.
  • During the informative, fast-paced Frontier/Education Session on Monday, October 31, the delegates can find out how researchers around the world sidestep developmental obstacles and reach their research goals in a timely and efficient manner. The session, full of case studies, videos and live demos, starts at 6 PM in Ernest Hemingway Salon 1 (appetizers and drinks provided).
Join Quanser at the 2011 ASME DSCC and discuss with us your teaching needs and research projects. Or contact us directly, if you cannot attend the conference this year.

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