Monday, July 4, 2011

Grade School Kids Take On A "Seismic Challenge"

On Wednesday, June 22nd, Quanser and the Let's Talk Science organization welcomed 30 students from St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in North York, Ontario to Quanser headquarters in Markham.

The students were here to take part in a challenge of "seismic" proportions: a friendly competition to build tall structures that could withstand a simulated 6.7 magnitude earthquake. It was a great exercise in creativity, design and teamwork. In the process, the kids learned a lot about how engineers can help make the world a better place.

The morning-long activity went off smoothly, thanks to volunteers from Let's Talk Science and Quanser. Interested observers and speakers included Let's Talk Science President and Founder Bonnie Schmidt, Paul Gilbert, CEO of Quanser and Ontario Deputy Minister of Education Kevin Costante, who conveyed his ministry's support for the partnership between Let's Talk Science and Quanser as important for advancing science learning in Ontario.

Watch the video to see how well the kids did:


john said...

basically i am a school teacher and regular reader of your blog , you are sharing valuable information which are really valuable for my students., keep updating..

Sunny said...

Thanks for your feedback John, much appreciated!

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