Monday, April 18, 2011

Quanser Worldwide Team Gathers To Focus On Academia

Two weeks ago we proudly hosted the second annual Quanser Distributor Conference (QDC) in Toronto. The three-day event brought together 22 of our distributors from Europe, South and Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, to meet and mingle with Quanser's engineering, sales and marketing teams.

Completely committed to the worldwide academic market
Three days were devoted to discussing a wide variety of business topics, hands-on demonstrations of Quanser solutions and one thing more - the opportunity for all of us at Quanser to listen to our individual distributors and learn more about the needs and concerns of engineering professors and researchers in their part of the world. Ultimately this will help us and our distributors to serve academia even better.

An unrivalled range of products for engineering labs
A full day was dedicated to a hands-on, product-oriented Tech Tour at Quanser headquarters in Markham, Ontario. Distributors circulated through five product demonstrations areas: Earthquake Engineering, Rotary Motion Controls, Mechatronics, Unmanned Vehicle Systems and Robotics. In-depth discussions took place at every demonstration station. At the end of the day, distributors had a clear picture of the full capabilities of all key systems.

More investment in new products, technology and people
Distributors also heard about future plans and got a sneak peek at some new Quanser educational products for 2011 - 2012. These include improvements to our MechKit, our Quanser Ground Vehicle (QGV) and a new Wind Turbine Experiment. We're excited about all of them. New hires in our engineering, sales and marketing departments took the opportunity to meet the distributors. These personal connections will make our worldwide communication easier and ultimately be of great benefit to engineering educators.

The 2011 Quanser Distributor Conference is barely over, but the distributors have already told us the conference was positive and energizing. Indeed, everyone involved - Quanser and its distributors - left even more closely focused on working with our engineering academics to advance the worldwide quality of engineering education.

Watch some highlights of the 2011 Quanser Distributor Conference:

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