Monday, August 16, 2010

Back from NI Week

Austin might have been broiling at 40 C, but Quanser was keeping things cool at NI Week. The event, which brought together hundreds of NI partners, technology companies, and academics, took place earlier this month.

We had the chance to see some amazing fetes in robotics from the RoMeLa robotics lab at Virginia Tech and the Coordinated Robotics Lab at UC San Diego. Our engineers also had a chance to attend some of the sessions at the conference.

Quanser had on display the Active Suspension system and Rotary Family, powered by Labview. We also displayed our QNETs, the experiments that snap on to the NI ELVIS platform.

This year, we had two of our brand new data acquisition cards, the Q2 USB and the QPIDe, running our setup. The first is very portable and can be used with a laptop and the latter is a high powered card for research. The Q2 USB (a Q8 version will be out shortly) is great for taking experiments into the classroom or on the road for demos. It also packs a punch, with the ability to run at up to 2 KHz sampling rates.

The QPIDe is a PCIe hardware-in-the-loop card with an extremely high sampling rate. PCIe has up to 30x the bandwidth of traditional PCI. This card is ideal for research requiring precise measurement or control.

For more info, visit here.

See how the cards look in this video...

Video by Sunny Ray

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