Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shake Table I - 40 - A New Addition to Quanser Shake Table Collection

The sleek, compact, and powerful Shake Table I – 40 is a new addition to the Quanser line of seismic devices. The system is 7.6 cm high, 57.5 cm long, 12.7 cm wide, and weighs 5.9 kg – thus it can be used as a portable, tabletop shaker solution. Although compact, this table is able to accelerate a load that weighs 1.5 kg up to 1.0 g. The top stage is mounted on a high-quality, low backlash linear guide with a total travel of 40.0 mm (i.e. ± 20.0 mm) and is driven using a high torque direct drive motor. When operating, the stage movement is extremely quiet.

This can also be used with the One-Floor Active Mass Damper in order to perform structural engineering analysis or develop a controller that reduces the deflections of the building while, for instance, the table is running an earthquake.

The Shake Table I -40 can be run on a PC with the QuaRC control software. This can be done either through Matlab/Simulink or using the STI-40 Software shown below. The STI-40 Software enables users to quickly get started and command signals such as sine wave, chirp, and sample earthquakes all through an easy-to-use GUI. Only QuaRC and the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, which is free to download, are needed to run this program (no need for Matlab/Simulink). This software can even be published to a website for users to log on and control the table remotely.

- Mitch -

(Note: Shake Table I - 40 is scheduled for release in March 2009)


Anonymous said...

hi mitch, where can I find documentation or user manual for shake table I and what is it's displacement resolution. For shake table II it was 3 micro meters.

Mitch said...

The STI-40 has an encoder resolution of 1.22 um (STII has 1.55 um). The STI-40 has very little backlash, so the linear displacement is very precise.

You can download the Product Information Sheet from our website at:

For more information (e.g. user manual), please contact our team at: info@quanser.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitch,