Monday, January 12, 2009

Take your real-time controller everywhere!

Introducing Quanser's Wireless Embedded Ethernet Control System (WEECS) - a portable, high-end computer which is powered by QuaRC, Quanser's real-time control software. A compact yet high-performing control hardware makes it possible to remotly control your physical system using Simulink/QUARC models. You can collect data from a remote hardware and tune the parameters on the fly through the wireless connection. This makes WEECS perfect for mobile real-time applications.

I have used WEECS in the haptically-enabled unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) project. In this project we designed and implemented a system to remotely control a UGV while allowing to feel the bumps and forces applied to the steer wheel. WEECS is used as the central controller located on UGV itself, powered up with the portable/rechargeable battery. Using Hautespot RF communication technology we can send the command data wirelessly to WEECS. WEECS applies the speed and steering commands to the UGV using Q4 and two amplifiers. In addition, WEECS runs all the safety watchdogs designed for smooth operation. For example, WEECS would smoothly brake the UGV in case the communication between the haptic interface and UGV is lost or has a big delay or jitter.

In another project which is under development, WEECS is used to control the UGV based on the input received from an UAV. In general, if you want to control a portable real-time platform, WEECS gives you absolute peace of mind plus great flexibility!

UGV is controlled through WEECS and commanded using RF wireless technology.

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