Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Projects at Clemson

From Dr. Timothy Berg at Clemson:

"I thought you might like to see what our students did with your products and the code you sent us last Fall to talk to a WINCON process. They used a video camera to find a ball with a camera and send the coordinates of the ball (where we used your code) to the control program which was responsible for controlling two servo motors and navigating the ball through the maze.
The students designed and built all the software and hardware.

Five teams built projects and competed, their webpages are at:

The best video is at:
where you can click on the "Media" link and then download the video called "First Documented Success" (I think you will have to download to your pc to watch).

Just thought you would like some feedback on the help you gave us. It worked out very well."

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